Quarterly Newsletter        April 2014  
Recycle Tip
The cardboard sleeves at Starbucks and other coffee shops are recyclable so make sure to make the right choice when tossing away.   

Services DC Environmental Provides
  • Waste Stream Management
  • E-Waste Recycling
  • LEED Compliant Waste Audits
  • Recycling Reports
  • Bulky Item Pickup  
  • Additional Services:
    • Document Destruction
    • Temporary Roll Off Services
    • Seasonal Services
    • Universal Waste Recycling Program
    • Fluorescent Light Bulb Recycling
    • "Share the Success" Programs - to help publicize client sustainability successes
    • Compactor Monitoring
Schedule an E-Waste Collection Day for your Building:
Do you or your tenants have e-waste piling up in your building?  If so, please contact us to schedule a pick-up or an event for your tenants.
(Please note: minimum weight requirement must be met)
Waste Audit:
Are you looking to begin the LEED certification process or just interested in seeing how successful your building(s) recycling program is? DC Environmental offers comprehensive, LEED compliant waste audits as an added service to help you achieve LEED prerequisites and credits related to waste management and diversion.  
(Cost details upon request)


Data Security Solutions  

with Electronics Recycling

Our preferred electronics waste recycling vendor
understands the risk of data theft and undertakes a wide range of data erasing, sanitation and destruction services for government, military and law enforcement authorities and has extensive experience in this field. Either on-site or after secure transport to one of their asset management facilities, this provider eradicates proprietary information embedded in hard-drives and further processes the assets for reuse or recycling.

What you gain:
  • Data Protection Services
  • Witnessed Destruction
  • Ultimate Security
  • Certificates of Recycling and Destruction  
Earth Day is Around the Corner - How will your office celebrate?

Many property management teams like to host Eco-Events including E-Waste Collection, Eco-Vendor presentations, etc. but here's an idea that you can do in your office suite to celebrate in favor of the environment - Office Eco Hour!

If you can get your staff, tenants or colleagues to make a change for just one hour, you might see the benefits linger long after.  Here are some ideas to consider for your first Office Eco Hour:

  • Host a potluck lunch so you and your co-workers will not have to drive out for their lunch hour.
  • Get your colleagues to use all reusable containers for one day's lunch.
  • Encourage everyone to use the stairs instead of the elevator for one hour.
  • Invite a local expert in to give a one-hour talk about a topic related to sustainability.
  • Conduct a tour of your office to point out all the green features that your building/company may have.
  • Plant a tree with your co-workers or maybe just a small office plant 
  • Create your own eco-friendly thing to do during your Office Eco Hour!

How did you get interested in waste & recycling? 


TheMacroCity.com interviews one of our own, Spence Davenport, about how he got started in the waste and recycling industry and why Southern California is such an important component in the US recycling infrastructure. http://themacrocity.com/blog/index.html 




More Recycling Statutes Coming: Food & Organic Waste

Each year California disposes of 30 million tons of waste into landfills and nearly 30% of this waste is compostable organic material. This consists of mostly of landscaping and green waste as well as food waste. Assembly Bill 32 aims to assist in helping California achieve a 75% reduction in waste going to landfills by 2020... and organic materials have been targeted as the next step towards accomplishing this goal.


For a quick background, carbon-based organic materials naturally decay faster than other waste in normal, oxygen rich (aerobic) conditions- producing CO2 and compost-like byproducts. However, in a landfill where these materials are covered by other wastes, these organic materials are trapped in anaerobic conditions (little oxygen). A result is that instead of producing CO2 as a greenhouse gas byproduct, these decaying materials also create methane (CH4), which is a greenhouse gas 32 times more potent than CO2, trapping more heat per gram.


The State of California will therefore work with cities to implement new policies and infrastructure to reduce methane production from landfills as one of the avenues for GHG reduction. This will include new technologies such as anaerobic digesters, waste to energy facilities, increased composting partnerships and the necessary infrastructure to support such programs. We will be keeping close tabs on this development, but Property Managers should be aware that new requirements to begin diverting organic waste from your recyclables and waste could be in the works. DC Environmental will continue to expand it's offering as more partners, haulers and processors come online. Contact us today to learn if this is available in your area!


For more information, see http://www.calrecycle.ca.gov/climate/

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