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Certified Inspection

DC Environmental is a third party inspection company that works with suppliers and customers to insure local and international standards are met. With our 20 years of experience we have found that suppliers and customers can have a mutually successful relationship through transparency. Our approach is to determine suppliers recycling stream, equipment, QC controls, region and climate. We match this up with customers and what their tolerance is either by PSI standards, or quality standards depending on the market the goods are being shipped to. our core services:

  • Inspection: Our comprehensive range of inspection and verification services, such as checking the condition of cargo to help control quality, and meet all relevant regulatory requirements across different regions and markets.

  • Certification: We enable you to demonstrate that your products, processes, systems or services are compliant with global standards and regulations or customer defined standards, through certification.

  • Verification: We ensure that products and services comply with global standards and local regulations. Combining international knowledge, unrivalled experience and expertise in virtually every industry, DC Environmental covers the entire supply chain from raw materials to final product.

  • Recycle Characterization: DC Environmental is LEED certified to give reporting for Recycle Stream Characterization to qualify locations. We have agreements with our suppliers that we will inspect unannounced, products being produced and this product will be put aside for Characterization. A tedious process that we have found reduces the liability to the suppliers and customers.

DC Environmental is a leader in providing specialized inspection solutions that improve quality and reduce risk, we help customers navigate an increasingly regulated world. Our independent services add significant value to our customers’ operations and ensure business sustainability. For us, sustainability is about managing a long-term profitable business for both parties.

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